Children who are dealing with serious medical illnesses have enough real life challenges. Like adults who have a life that is too full of “yucky” stuff… they need a break.

GabbyLu Books offers them the chance to escape into a world of make-believe built especially for them. With beautiful illustrations and fantastically woven tales of love and hope and light, these books give children a place created just for them… with characters that entertain and enlighten, empathize and guide.

Right now, GabbyLu Books is seeking funding to help take these stories from the author’s written work to a tactile reality — to a beautifully bound book that these special children can have and hold and read (or have read to them) again and again.

Want a sample of the beautiful artwork contained in these books? Want to meet a couple of the characters through an audio sampling of a couple of the stories? You can do both in our Meet the Characters section here on the website, featuring The Witch and Tye Canyon Smith.

Go on… introduce yourself! They love visitors!

If you would like to help to make a world of fantasy created for children battling health issues, accessible to more critically ill children, contact me. There are a number of ways for you to support this project and deliver these tales of fantasy into a medically challenged child’s life.

Thank you!
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Josette Vettel
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